Why Reputation Management Is Vital BEFORE You Have A Problem.

Written by on October 18, 2015

Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Build Your Reputation and Brand Online

reputation managementReputation Management isn’t exactly a new thing, but with the Web 2.0 sites such as Yelp.com, Angies List and the hundreds of others, people are seeing more of these sites pages ranking in Top positions in search engines as more people begin utilizing them to market their service or office locations. With Local Search Ranking being the craze today and Google Maps/My Business platform, it’s all about building local citations around your business to tell Google that your business is booming, popular and worth being found. The more citations you have (citations being mentions of your business online basically), the more popular your business appears to be in the eyes of Google. Due to this, more SEO’s are taking to Web 2.0 to rank companies online locally such as Upstager’s 350 Local Citation Submission ServiceĀ and others.

However, far too many companies are neglecting these ranking efforts altogether and not paying much attention to them until they begin seeing negative reviews for their company popping up all over the place. By this point, the company panics and tries to figure out how to get rid of these negative reviews. You can’t delete them, so you have limited options. You can either make efforts to bury these profiles/reviews under lots of positive profiles/reviews through reputation management SEO which, doing this AFTER this is a problem will cost you much more than had you been doing this all along from the start because now you’re just trying to play catch-up and likely don’t have the budgets to do as much catching up as you need to in a short period of time, therefore you’re losing revenue due to these negative reviews pushing potential business away in the meantime.

You can learn more about what reputation management is on this Wikipedia page.

Whatever your business, you should be allocating a budget to Reputation Management now, for multiple reasons. The first being that reputation management is very similar to standard SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in that you are ultimately working towards expanding and increasing your keyword positions in Google, however, RM is as much about building your reputation through positive reviews from clients and customers in efforts to not only rank your company for the targeted keywords (through the backlinks provided by these Web 2.0 properties) but expose that traffic to positive information about what you offer.

Even as little as $500 a month towards reputation management can not only position your company all over the web to help you rank locally, but that effort will be increasing your site traffic and building the fundamental back-links and social signals necessary to maintain high SERP’s.

Hypothetical situation: Your business sells T Shirts online and money is tight so you don’t think to budget anything for reputation management or SEO for that matter. You rely on post cards, word of mouth and perhaps radio to sell your products. You setup a Facebook page and maybe a Google page because you’ve heard that’s the “thing to do”. One day, one of your customers is upset that they ordered a specific shirt and were sent the wrong one. For whatever reason, they are insanely mad at you for this and begin going all over the web posting negative comments about your company on review sites, social media and discussion forums. You realize that the places this insane customer is posting are actually appearing in the top 10 positions in Google and because of this, you’re starting to see your business decline. Why is this happening to you?! Because, you didn’t budget anything towards having a company like Upstager.com establish your Web 2.0 and Social Media Presence online and therefore you don’t have any content on High Authority Sites capable of outranking this customers comments and reviews. Now, you have to start from scratch and play catch up, building your social media anywhere you can, setting up Web 2.0 profiles, videos and anything else you can think of while trying to inspire your customer base to post positive reviews quickly while you wait for all of this to begin getting crawled by Google spiders. You start to see some things pop up but you need backlinks and other ranking factors to help push these things up in Google to bury this lunatics rants and it takes months before you are starting to see some serious progress being made, if any at all, because lets face it, you sell T Shirts, you aren’t an SEO, you don’t know which sites have the most ranking potential or how to fuel the ranking positions of these profiles once you’ve set them up and on and on it goes until you finally realize, you either have to close up and re-brand your company, or pay a small fortune for a professional to clean this up as quickly as possible.

How much money did you lose in the last 3 to 6 months while you tried to combat this situation?

It all could have been avoided by simply budgeting for Reputation Management every month and letting that cumulative effort prepare you for any potential issues that arise in the future, all the while expanding the reach of your branch and increasing your site traffic for more sales.

As I explain in all of my seminars, investing in SEO is like investing in Dividend Stocks. A dollar in today is two out tomorrow.

Many reputation management firms will charge you $5,000 to $10,000 u front and $3,000 to $5,000 per month on a 12 month minimum contract to fix problems like this. Save yourself a future fortune by acting now and getting the ball rolling.

If you need help or have any questions on Reputation Management and or SEO, contact us as Upstager for a free consultation and we will help you Upstager your competition. You can also perform a Free SEO Website Audit and see how well your site is optimized for search engines. The report will be emailed to you in PDF and is very informative, helpful and most of all, no strings attached FREE!

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