What We Do

Ok, you’re a mortgage banking executive that is either looking to open a new branch, increase a current branch’s production or a loan officer looking to increase your personal production, right? Good! You’ve come to the right place.

You’re asking yourself, what exactly does this Appleton guy do? Let me break it down for you with examples of some of my client relationships.

Client Example 1:

Client is a branch manager that was connected to me from a mutual relationship. The client had run his branch as a refinance operation and streamlined his systems to be able to close loans in 7 to 10 days. 90% of the branch production was refinance with 24 Loan Officers calling trigger leads to drum up business. I was hired to transition the office out of refinance and into the purchase market.

  • Initially I began by developing a new website for the branch to rank locally in Google, followed up with social media accounts.
  • After this I created a series of new print marketing such as brochures, flyers and tri-folds to present this banks strengths to real estate agents and home buyers.
  • I then began training all of the loan officers in sales. Cold calling, conducting meetings properly, follow up, time management, CRM management and the like.
  • After group training I began accountability management and one on one coaching which continues to this day.
  • I recruited some loan officers, some of which were doing over 2m per month each in production. Those that were newly licensed, I trained them in sales while management trained them on the back end.
  • At times I act as a counselor in a sense, in that LO’s will communicate things to me they wont communicate with a company superior at which point I can relay these issues to the proper people and aid in working out solutions.
  • At times, LO’s would engage agents or brokers interested in shared marketing at which point I would be introduced and seal those relationships by establishing the agents needs and agreeing on a mutually beneficial effort moving forward between the agent/broker and the banks Branch Manager.
  • Within the first year, we reduced the number of LO’s from 24 to 12 and doubled the branch’s production over it’s previous year. Some of the LO’s that were averaging 500k a month in production for years in refinance are now closing over $1.5m per month consistently in purchase.
  • We then renewed our agreement with some new additions and I began working with another branch in another market and helped open 2 additional branches for a total of 4 branches for the same branch manager.

In a nutshell, what I do is help you build mortgage banks.

Client Example 2:

Client is the President of a bank with offices scattered around the region. He just took over the company as President and wants to rebuild the branches from the ground up after aggressively shaking things up. I was hired to help recruit new loan officers in each of his markets (so long as they aren’t in any markets with any of my other clients) and then train those Loan officers. Within the first month I placed 5 Loan Officers and began training them in a group through online two way video conferencing. After the two day boot camp, we begin accountability management and one on one coaching with the goal of getting each LO’s production up to $1m per month. One month after this client relationship began I was asked to train all of the LO’s in the company.

Now wait!

So, before I go further you may be thinking, “Jason, I’ve got a job for you with my company! I’ll make you the Vice President of Sales and Production!” and my answer would be, maybe, but I doubt it. I have been offered my own bank, full time W2 work etc, and the truth is, I’m a night owl. I’m not a suit and tie kind of guy and I don’t like being in stuffy offices. I’m not going to wake up at the crack of dawn for a corporate meeting at 8am, etc. Not for me. I’m not comfortable with a noose around my neck 10 hours a day. I’m a shark, I need to be moving, constantly learning and doing what I do or I’ll sink. On top of that, its cheaper for you to pay me a retainer and bonuses on production than it would be to hire me as an employee. Health insurance, benefits, etc

Consulting Options

If you are a big box bank, I likely wont work with you. I’m sorry, but if you don’t specialize in mortgage loans, you have too much going on already. I like working with Private Mortgage Banks with high quality customer service and the desire to grow while taking care of their loan officers.

  • Full Service Clients: I offer market exclusivity for my full service clients. The retainer is bigger plus bonuses on production, but your returns are significantly bigger as well. Client Example 1 is a full service client.
  • Recruiting Client: So long as your office isn’t in any market I have a full service client, I can help you recruit and train those recruits to be very productive. I typically only take on Recruiting clients when I believe you have the potential/interest in becoming a full service client. I know many branches struggle with their P&L and can’t afford someone like me right off the bat, so if I believe in what you’re trying to do and your bank, I may work out a way to help you get to a point where you can afford me.

If you are a solo loan officer looking to increase your production with my help, your best bet is to talk to your branch manager and send her/him a link to this site, or you can contact me with your branch managers information and I’ll take it from there.