Top 5 Faces Of Sales Call Reluctance

Written by on May 15, 2017

Sales Call Reluctance is a nasty, career stalling issue the world over. Even the most seasoned sales professionals can find themselves caught in a rut of anxiety and fear only to find their numbers dwindling. In fact, most sales people find themselves impacted by some level of call reluctance and or sales fear.

Most sales people dont fall under just one type of call reluctance, but a combination of two or more to varying degrees. Knowing which type you fall under is the first step in establishing a work through so you can get those record breaking numbers you need!


The over-prepaperer is always looking for more things to fill a void that rarely gets filled. This is someone who lacks the drive and confidence needed to push through rejections and is always afraid they will be asked something they dont have an answer to or be presented with an objection they dont have a rebuttal for, etc.

Rather than fear being asked a question you dont have the answer to, think of this as an opportunity to follow up. They always say luck is preparation meeting opportunity, which is very true in many cases, however, spending more time preparing to be progressive instead of being progressive, well, isn’t very progressive.

You’re much better scheduling your time during the days with a block of time for preparing prior to making your calls and sticking to it. Remember that not every call can and will go perfectly regardless of your amount of prep work. It’s a numbers game and you will win some and lose some but a true pro, keeps pushing through the line until its mission accomplished.


Aaah, the Hyper-Professional. This is the best dressed, slick and smooth under-performer that relies on first impressions over skill and experience. Not prone to follow ups because the inflated ego assumes that just being present will merit calls showing them in business.

You may take “Fake it till you make it” to a whole new level but in any business, an educated, experienced and sincere sales person will ALWAYS beat you to the client. If you’re selling books or vacuum cleaners door to door, the Hyper-Pro mentality may help, but in a relationship business such as Loan Origination in the Purchase market, this approach will get you absolutely nowhere.

Its time for you to look in the mirror and ask yourself, outside of your flashy close and nice hair, what do you offer clients? If you were a real estate agent, would you send business to yourself? If the answer is no, then you likely already know why and what you need to focus on moving forward.


One of the most common forms of sales call reluctance, the Yielder is someone who fears being pushy at all and chances the odds that their nice demeanor and pleasant personality will grant them more business. Always afraid of sounding too “salesy” or pushing the line at all, you fear rejection and would rather lose business than actually charge after it.

The Yielder is often however great in building long term relationships, but those dont come nearly as often due to the overall nature of this sales pro dysfunction. If you are always afraid of asking for the business or take no for answer without batting an eye, where are your relationships expected to stem from?

If this is you, you have to ask yourself. “When you call a realtor to help them with their loans, are you doing them a favor by giving them access to you in the first place?” In other words, are you great at what you do? Do people come to you for help with their loans? Are you knowledgeable in your field? Experienced with difficult loans? Then why would you feel as though you are begging for business when in reality, the realtor should be begging to send you deals. The fact is, there are so many bad Loan Officers in the world and they likely get more referrals than you do because they are better at selling themselves.

When you call agents, you have to know that you making that call is a favor to the agent and even though they dont yet know this, it’s your job to save them from the less qualified loan officers that will also be calling them. Are you better than the Hyper-Pro in your office? Then do the agents a favor and dont let them tell you no so easily.

Referral Aversion

The referral aversion dysfunction is like having a little voice in your head that prohibits you from asking for the referral out of fear that you will somehow jeopardize the relationship. Always afraid of asking for the business.

Like the Yielder, you need to understand your personal value as a professional. If you just closed a loan with a buyer and it went really well, its almost a dis-service not to ask for referrals of their peers. If you work really well with an agent, wouldn’t that agent benefit from having other agents they know in need of a solid lender to refer them to you? When was the last time you saw an amazing movie and kept completely quiet about it?


Tele-Phobians are simply afraid of sounding too much like tele marketers and presenting themselves in an insincere way that could potentially kill their business generating potential before they have had a chance to meet face to face and redeem themselves.

The best way to overcome this sales call reluctance is to not read scripts, but memorize them and make them your own. The best part of phone work is, you can be whomever you want to be. Present any personality you want! The real trick to overcoming this phobia is to believe you are providing an end result that will truly benefit your customer or client. The more natural, sincere and interested you are in the customer and their needs, the more that energy will pour out of you during your calls and inspire people to want to meet with you.


Every one of these dysfunctions or fears are self induced methods of procrastination and can be easily overcome by simply doing one thing…picking up the phone and making another call. While there may be any number of potential solutions to these issues the only sure fire ways to cope is to make more calls and find success. I have bad days where I grind out voice mail calls for hours and nothing is more draining. Had I skipped out on making calls the following day in fear of getting the same results, I would have missed out on the 5 meetings I set in the 5 calls I made that day. Many people develop these dysfunctions while experiencing some level of failure in previous efforts. You have to keep your eye on the prize and push through bad days. I always tell myself “The moon wasn’t right, but it wont be in the same place tomorrow.”

Now that you’re done procrastinating by reading this article, close this screen and MAKE ANOTHER CALL!

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