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Written by on January 23, 2017

Loan Officer Time Management is Key to Success

In just about any field, time management always poses a problem. You never seem to have time to get anything done and there is always more to do. For loan officers, time management is key to not only managing your current business but being able to grow and expand your operation. You would be surprised just how much time in a day is wasted without thinking about it, just by being sidetracked.You have to plan your work and work your plan.

The first step to proper time management is breaking down all of your activities in a given day and organizing them based on priority.

I’d like you to take a sheet of paper and write out 6 columns. Name each column after the options below.

Executive Time – Life planning, goal setting, business planning, updating your CRM

Marketing – Anything related to communicating with more than 2 people. Newsletters, networking events, group meetings.

Prospecting – Referral partner meetings, calling agents, follow up calls, update calls.

Processing – Fulfillment of a sale. Stipulations, docs.

Coaching and Training

Misc – Break time, lunch, personal time, research etc.

Now, you have to prioritize these items by order of importance making sure that your most important tasks are scheduled first.

From here, we will time-block each day. Outlook works best for time-blocking your day, week etc and enables you to input recurring events which is important to…save you time!
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Start with the activities you know are recurring each day or each week. Things like Realtor calls should be a daily activity. Weekly training would be setup on a weekly recurrence.

outlook recurring resultOnce you have your hard recurring activities set, you can begin mapping out the other items. If you know you have 2 realtor meetings scheduled, make sure to block out your travel time.

You want to make sure that your schedule is as tight and efficient as possible. If you only take 30 minutes for lunch, block out the 30 minute block, not an hour. If you know your weekly loan update calls only take 30 minutes instead of an hour, block out an hour, and so on.
loan officer day schedule

If you block out 30 minutes for a realtor meeting, don’t run over that 30 minutes. If you are making realtor calls for 1 hour and someone asks you a question or needs something from you, kindly ask them to wait. They key to proper time management is getting into positive habits that help you stay organized and productive through out each day and part of that is not allowing yourself to be pulled off course.

If spending 3o minutes on Facebook browsing random updates isn’t on your time-block, its because it doesn’t help you at all and shouldn’t be happening. If you want to look up the latest shoe deals online, do that during your lunch break.
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