Get Facebook Listing Leads For Your Referral Partners

Written by on May 23, 2017

Get Facebook Listing Leads For Your Referral Partners

How many Pre-Approvals do you have right now? 15? 40?

Each of those pre-approvals is not only a deal waiting to happen, but an opportunity for you to strengthen your relationship with your referring agent and get them some listings!

Each morning, afternoon and evening: Take a Pre-approval and create a Facebook post on your FAN PAGE (You should DEFINITELY have one by now, right?).

I’ve enclosed a sample of what the add should look like below:

Now, why are you doing this?

  1. You’re trying to attract people interested in selling their home
  2. You want them to contact you or your referral partner
  3. You want other agents to see that you are marketing realtors to get them listings
  4. You want to market your Fanpage to generate more likes and engagement

When I created this example post, it did not allow me to Tag the Agent as I wrote it. It may work for you. If it doesnt, I went ahead and published the post and then went back and clicked Edit, and played with the Agents name a bit until the Tag Drop down list of people came up which allowed me to select her.

Want to really take things a step further?

When you post something like this to your Fanpage, you can BOOST the post. This is like an ad on Facebook that enables you to extend the reach of your post beyond the number of people following you directly.

Lets say you have a Pre-Approved buyer wanting a house in Hebron, KY. Cick the BOOST POST and you will see the following:

Clicking the Edit link will open up the Ad Targeting functions and enable you to fine tune who sees your boosted post!

We are looking for someone interested in selling their house in Hebron, KY right? So we just want Hebron, KY homeowners to see our boosted post.

Delete whatever Country or City is presented in the Locations section and type in your target city. In this case its Hebron, KY. Facebook will automatically add everything within a 25 mile radius, so click that and select Current City only. Once you’ve done that, scroll down a bit and type in Homeowners from the Demographics box and select it when it comes up. Thats it! You just narrowed your target ad demographic to homeowners in Hebron, KY which reduced your Potential Reach to only 5,100 people which is a good thing.

Now we want to adjust our budget and time for the ad to run, so scroll down the left panel a bit and you’ll see something like the following:

Boost the post with whatever budget you are comfortable with spending. If you do a lot of these, maybe $5. If you do few of them and you want to get the maximum reach, I’d suggest not going over $30 over a 7 day period. You can see that I set my budget for $20 over 7 days at a cost of $2.85 per day and an estimated reach of up to 1,900 people. The estimate is because Facebook doesnt know yet how many people will engage your ad and how much your overall cost per engagement will be as its based on competition for your target market. Your cost per engagement could be really low depending on how many other ads are competing for the same eyes. Maybe your ad reaches all 1,900 people at a low cost or if there are a lot of other people advertising to your chosen demographic you may not reach as many people at a bit of a higher cost.

You can play with different ad photos which should be sized to 476×249. You can even use the one I created if you’d like:

Remember, the more you help your agents sell, the more your agents will help you. This is about building relationships, teamwork and you, the Loan Officer becoming a true extension of their team. Nobody wants to cut off their right hand, so become that for your referral partners.


Tool Tip For Loan Officers:

I’m always on the search for the latest tools to help increase production, marketing reach etc and I found this little gem last night.

I see some of you keep track of your pipe with post it notes on boards, etc.

Well, this software replaces all of that AND lets you communicate with everyone from within the software. It’s a CRM but structured like an interactive pipe.

You can get it for as low as $12 a month but to email from within the software I would suggest the $29 license.

You can watch a video showing how it works here:


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