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Written by on October 15, 2015

Learn How To Structure and Write Your Articles For Maximum Benefit

content marketingRanking a website through content marketing in 2015 will depend a great deal on content as well as social media signals. Content length suggestions are increasing as well as the demand for media within the articles you write. Some people try to cheat the system by buying articles from bulk writers or spinning existing content with spinning software which typically results in unreadable garbage.

The sole focus of article writing and content marketing is providing content that is so good that people genuinely want to share it and interact with it. All of Google’s ranking metrics evolve around figuring out whether or not the content on your website is worthy of exposing it to reader en’mass. Period. There are plenty of Blackhat methods that may work today and nail you tomorrow, but it’s much safer to simply learn the proper way to write an article for SEO and make sure it’s worthy of the attention you want to get. That is why DirtyLeopard is going to help you.

What you will learn from this guide:

  • The process of choosing an article topic.
  • Article structure and content flow.
  • The Art of LSI Content.
  • WordPress Post Optimization
  • Tools you can use to give your content a boost.

The Process Of Choosing Your Article Topic
Your article topic will of course depend on the nature of your site and the keyword research you’ve done. Think of the keywords you have researched (Learn Keyword Research Here) and look for keywords that can be easily tied together into a sensible and informative article topic. Maybe your site is about real estate and your wanting to rank an article for the terms “Cincinnati Real Estate” for example. So what do you have to say about Cincinnati Real Estate. It’s best to perform some additional research on your topic and gather supporting facts, quotes and anything else that may help your article hold some weight. Don’t pick a topic for something you aren’t well informed in. You want your article to be an authoritative perspective on something useful for your readers. When you’re choosing a topic, ask yourself “What would I get out of reading this myself?” “Can I offer solid insight, information and even education to my readers on this topic?”. It’s been said that the best way to learn is to teach.
Article Structure And Content Flow
Google Ranking factors change constantly, but a constant is that article content needs to engage the reader and keep them engaged for a period of time and then, be cause for that reader to want to expose your amazing content to new readers for you. Here are some key elements you need to include in your article.

Title: Your primary Keyword should be the first or second word/phrase in the title.

Example: Cincinnati Real Estate Market

H1 Tag: Should include your keyword

Example: Why Cincinnati Real Estate Continues To Climb In Value

H2 Tag/Sub Title: Tell the reader what to expect

Example: We explain the why and how facts to support your search.

article writing

Keyword usage: Up to 1% is more than sufficient.

Article Length: Between 1,000 and 2,000 words:

Images: 6 to 10 images – Must use Alt Tags that define what the image/article is about.

Videos: 1 to 2 videos

Supporting Links: Google wants to know that you care as much about your reader as you do your rankings, and by providing a High PR wiki link in your article or other supporting link, this will actually help your rankings. Many people say that outbound links hurt your site. This simply isn’t the case anymore. Crappy links in abundance to crappy sites such as link swaps and that sort of thing can hurt your site, but helping your readers find more information on the topic you are educating them about is a good thing and Google loves it.
The Art of LSI Friendly Content:

Believe it or not, you could potentially be too intelligent to write what Google perceives as quality content. This is of course relative to the target audience of your material but overall, you want your articles to be easy to read by all readers.

A big component of ranking an article for a keyword used to be keyword stuffing. This was a process of adding your keyword to your content or post as many times as possible. Some event went as far as hiding keywords in their articles by putting white text against a white background. Now, it’s much more helpful to utilize LSI keywords, which are basically words that act as synonyms or are closely tied to your keyword.

Here is a totally Free LSI Keyword searcher to help you find words closely related to your keyword that you can use through out your article.

You can also go to Google and perform a search for your keyword. Then scroll all the way down to the bottom where you’ll notice suggested terms. These can also be used as LSI keywords you can sprinkle around your article.

lsi keywordsHere is another article on LSI Keywords you may find useful.


Overall, the focus of writing articles for the purpose of ranking in google is pretty straight forward, though not always possible unless you want to intentionally ramble about very specific things just for the sake of making your articles longer. This article for example could be much longer and for content marketing it should be, but I prefer not to fill the article with fluff just for the same having it. I may add more however, as there are some other things I’d like to cover that I didn’t have a chance to just yet.

Also, if you’re looking to give your content a social boost to help you out rank competitors, you should seriously consider a service like Facebook Auto Poster which is cheap and VERY effective for Facebook likes. Or, if you want thousands of social signals from all of the major platforms, try Drip Revolution.



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